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PRAISE FOR Rachelle Weisberger AND Biblical Beauty

“Rachelle Weisberger’s unique perspective sanctifies the idea of beauty. Biblical Beauty presents fresh insights that are inspirational and empowering — and reminds us of the deeper and more compelling aspects of true beauty.” — Shmuley Boteach, TV and radio personality, founder of This World: The Values
Network and bestselling author of Kosher Sex

Biblical Beauty is a real treat. Rachelle Weisberger o#ers tips and practical advice on beauty, spirituality and wellness all without having to shell out a lot of money. Who knew our ancient beauties could teach us so much?” — Janice Lieberman, NBC consumer correspondent for the Today show

“Rachelle Weisberger is a woman blessed with intelligence, heart and talent. She has now brought her imagination and scholarship to focus on the intersection of the Bible and beauty, which is a natural synthesis of her talents.” — Phyllis Tobin, PhD, psychologist and author of Motherhood Optional

“A beauty expert par excellence — Rachelle Weisberger now shares her wisdom with us all.”
— Alphonse Hill, celebrity makeup artist